How can dentures help facial appearance

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But the only thing to do is facial fillers, botox. The reason for these issues is that the gums of your dentures stick out past the teeth. I actually have worked as Dental Assistant for 25 yrs and for the last several years, I've worked in a 1 Day denture office. You face and mouth will look different with dentures than what you had with your own teeth. If someone told me right now that I could go back and change only ONE thing

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How Dentures Can Help Your Appearance and Your Health

My face is caved in and wrinkled since getting dentures. So the answer is yes, dentures can change your appearance and hopefully you will enjoy the new look. Your comments will help us to continually improve our customer experience. Good luck to you. How can we help? In the case of full dentures, it might take some time due to the healing that is required after any oral surgery. I hope this helps someone.

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how can dentures help facial appearance
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how can dentures help facial appearance
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