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Little Sleep Stealer Yep, if babies could talk, we bet this is exactly what they'd say. Jesus' Parents Joseph and Mary—earning bragging rights since 1 B. Cleanup Time Hey, as long as they're not killing each other in there, do you really care? Found the story interesting? They're all counting on you!

Whoever created the original video usually isn't the same person who GIF-ed it.

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Texting Pro Nice technique. To be fair, Torii Hunter looks just as happy to see the birthday boy as the birthday boy is to see Torii Hunter. Here are some early signs that your beautiful transformation has begun. It breaks your heart that none of your friends have stable employment. Inthe chain released this TV spot for its barbecue chicken and bacon pizza. My coworker and I can hardly hold it together.

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  1. What a disappointment! Rocco was one of the few guys in porn who wasn't an aggressive, controling dick, but they made him play one in this video.